Combiphar achieved Nicholas Hall Asia Pacific OTC Marketing Awards 2017

3 tahun yang lalu

Combiphar get to strengthen its position as a well-known consumer healthcare company from Indonesia in International Market, Combiphar become the only one local company from Indonesia getting the prestigious validation from Singapore last Friday, standing with another great multinational company.

This year is the first time Combiphar getting an international marketing awards in Nicholas Hall Asia Pacific OTC Marketing Awards. Its marketing strategy and innovation for their three main OTC brands has awarded Combiphar three awards all at once, which are:

  • Nicholas Hall Special Achievement in Consumer Healthcare Award, for Eye Mo, eye-drops medicine. Untill now Eye Mo has been sold all over Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia
  • 1st Place of Nicholas Hall Worldwide Digital Award, for Insto, the number one eye-drops that’s been sold in Indonesia.
  • 2nd Place of Nicholas Hall Worldwide Digital Award, for OBH Combi, well-known cough syrup that’s celebrating its 45th birthday.

Weitarsa Hendarto, Vice President Consumer Healthcare & Wellness and International Operations PT. Combiphar says, “We are so proud to get an International Award of Nicholas Hall's Asia Pacific OTC Marketing Awards. The award we got is becoming Combiphar’s proof that even an Indonesian local company is able to compete with multinational company in International Market.”

Nicholas Hall Awards is an award that’s given for OTC based consumer healthcare industry for its marketing strategy achievement and main superiority. The rating is also based on data and market impact analyzation. Through a wide network, Nicholas Hall have a comprehensive understanding about OTC (over-the-counter) pharmacist or the over the counter medicine. With winning this award, pharmacist company is getting one of the highest recognition in pharmacist industry, especially in OTC field.

“This award inspire Combiphar to keep their commitment to serve the society with high quality products and health service. Along with our mission to lead a healthy lifestyle, we present this award for a healthier Indonesia” said Weitarsa enclosing her explanation.