You Must Have Four of These Five Medicinal Plants in Your Garden

Long before the modern medicines were developed, our ancestors had used herbal medication. As its name suggests, herbal medication is made from plants known for their medicinal virtues.

Even with the advancement of modern medication, the herbal plants or home medicinal plants should not be overlooked. If you are interested in having them at home, start with at least four out of these five popular medicinal plants.


Garlic is often used in the kitchen, so take a few to be planted in your home garden. This plant, scientifically named allium sativum, has an antimicrobial benefit, says

Consuming garlic is great for killing the germs in our digestive organs. Also, garlic can be used to treat influenza and fever.


According to the information of medicinal garden published by the University of Rhode Island, aloe gel is great for treating inflammation, burn injuries, insect bites, and even arthritis. Besides, aloe vera is also easy to plant.


Strawberry apparently offers more than flavorful fruits. According to, the leaves are great for treating diarrhea. Indiana Medical History Museum even claims that the leaves of this plant, with the scientific name of fragaria ananassa, can be used as the most effective diuretic herbal medicine.


Sunflowers are not only easy on the eyes. The root of this beautiful flower plant with the scientific name of helianthus annuus, according to, is great for treating spider bites, rheumatism, and worm infections.

On the other side, the sunflower oil made from sunflower seeds is great as laxative lubricant. According to, it is good for treating constipation.


Home medicinal plants are dominated by rhizomes such as ginger, galangal, turmeric, curcuma and fingerroot. Out of these, what you need most is greater galangal or scientifically named alpinia galanga. Website says this plant is good for treating nausea.

So, which will you choose for a start, Healthy People?

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