Tips for Calculating The Calories Burned by Our Activities

Have you ever thought why we feel hungry in the afternoon even after eating a big meal in the morning? Hunger is a reaction that indicates the loss of calories in the body, the calories burned. Calories are not only burned by exercises; our daily activities burn the calories.

Then, how should we calculate how much calories we have burned when doing activities. You can try the following to get the answer.

Manual calculation

In the medical or nutrition field, the number of calories burned by activities can be calculated using a certain formula. According to, the number of calories is a multiplication of Metabolic Equivalent (MET) by body weight in kilograms times the length of exercise in hours. In other words, calories = MET x weight (kg) x length of exercise (hours).

MET itself, according to the e-journal of Univeritas Negeri Yogyakarta written by dr. Novita Intan Arofah, MPH, is a unit used to measure the amount of oxygen needed by the body to perform activities.

MET value of 1 indicates the energy used by the body to rest, such as sitting down, reading a book and other activities with mild intensity. MET value of 3-6 indicates the energy for physical activities with moderate intensity, such as aerobic and anaerobic. MET value greater than 6 indicates the energy for activities with high intensity, like playing football.

Particularly, the MET table presents the value based on the physical activities. For instance, if you do gardening for 30 minutes (0.5 hour), the MET value is 5. With the weight of 70kg, the number of calories you burn is 175 kcals.

However, this calculation is not entirely accurate. Calorie burning also depends on age, body composition, and level of activities. The burning of calories in people who often work out is not the same as people who rarely work out.

Practical calculation

For a more practical calculation, you can use calorie calculator apps. According to, these apps can be easily found online, free of charge. Although there are many different kinds, they all use the same steps for calculating the number of calories burned by activities.

You only need to input your age, gender, height, weight, and the length of your activity. Usually, there are options that you can choose based on the activities you have done, such as gardening, washing dishes, or cycling. Then press ‘calculate’ to get the number of calories burned.

Now that you have read the above, you can start calculating to keep your body fit and healthy. Happy trying, Healthy People.

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