Nails: An Indication of Your Health

Nails are part of the body that is often overlooked. Many people are not aware that nails indicate the condition of health. The colors, shape and texture of nails may indicate signs of abnormalities within the body. So, what do nails tell you about your health? The following appearances of nails may help you spot early warning signs.


1. Pale nails may indicate that a person is aging. It could be signs of anemia, malnutrition, liver dysfunction or heart failure.

2. White nails with darker rims indicate the possibility of liver problems, for instance hepatitis.

3. Yellowish nails may become an indication of fungal infection. The color of nails will return to normal after the infection has been treated thoroughly. Yellowing nails could also be afflicted with other health problems, such as Diabetes, Thyroid and Lung diseases, or psoriasis nails can also mean Thyroid and Lung diseases, Diabetes or Psoriasis (a disease which causes skin cells to build up rapidly on the skin’s surface).

4. Rippling of the nail surface can be a pre-diagnosis of Psoriasis or Arthritis. 

5. Bluish nails may be signs of lack of oxygen in the blood or infection of the lung.

6. Red and swollen nails may relate to inflammation of the nail folds or a sign of Lupus disease.

7. Dark lines beneath the nails can be an indication of Melanoma (a type of skin cancer).


Nail-biting habit which continues until adult indicates Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Our fingernails and toenails have an important role in indicating serious illness or infection in our bodies. Be sure to consult your physician immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms.

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