Keep Your Health With Pola 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna

One of the keys to a healthy body is the right diet. British Nutrition Foundation says the right diet means a balanced diet.

In Indonesia, this concept is commonly referred to as “four healthy, five perfect”. Literally, this means a meal is balanced if it contains the following components.

Main food (staple)

The main or staple food can be made from carb-based ingredients. explains that carb is necessary for producing energy. Besides rice, says that the other carb ingredients that can be used for staple food are wheat and potato. These two food ingredients are richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals than rice.

Side dishes

For balancing the staple, don’t use starch or carb-based ingredients for your side dishes, like potato or corn fritters. According to, sources of protein, either animal protein like fish, meat, egg, poultry or vegetable protein like soy cake and tofu are the best for side dishes. Protein is necessary for the body’s growth.


Some people don’t like veggies, but for health, everyone should eat veggies. explains that veggies contain supplementary nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals, which we need for health. Consume various veggies to optimize their benefits.


Just like veggies, according to, fruits also contain lots of essential vitamins and minerals, which are not found in other food items. Therefore, people who like veggies and fruits usually look fit and fresh.

Water and milk

Without plain water, the body cannot properly absorbed the nutrition contained in the above four components. says that water contains lots of minerals important for our body while explains that consuming eight glasses of water every day can help the body’s metabolism system.

The four healthy components will not be perfect without a glass of milk. claims that milk is rich in protein and vitamin D, which can maximize children’s growing process. For a healthy body, avoid being a picky eater. Consume all foods with balanced nutrition every day. Don’t wait, do it now, Healthy People.

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