Keep Your Family Healthy with Nutritious Breakfast

A healthy family is a happy family. For every one of us who cares about our family’s health, a healthy breakfast to start the day is a must. Let’s serve our family the healthy meals below in the morning.

1. Foods high in fiber

Do you need to add more fiber in your diet? The website suggests adding more fiber into the breakfast every morning. Besides giving you more energy to start your day, high-fiber meals will keep you feeling full longer so it will be easier to pass on the appetite for snacking until the time to have lunch.

There are a lot of options you can choose for a delicious but healthy breakfast you can enjoy in the morning, from mixed yogurt and granola, warm or cold oatmeal added with slices of fruit, to wheat bread with lots of different fillings.

2. Fruits

For most people, fruits for breakfast may be a strange option. In fact, adding fruits into your breakfast meals will help to fulfill the body’s needs for fibers, vitamins and minerals.

The fruits good for breakfast are banana, blueberry, strawberry, apple and avocado. You can add them into your cereal, or blend them with yogurt or low-fat milk to make a delicious, filling smoothie drink you can easily bring along.

3. Veggies

Serving veggies for breakfast can be quite tricky because not everyone likes it although veggies have a good content of fibers, vitamins and antioxidants that will keep us healthy and more immune against infections.

But try serving veggies as a fresh salad with delicious dressings, then put it in an omelet or a warm soup. If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare or eat it at the breakfast table, you can also blend it with fruits and yogurt to make a super fresh green smoothie.

4. Supplemented drinks

In this fast-paced life where everything needs to be convenient, supplemented drinks like protein shakes are a good choice for the families who find it difficult to make time for breakfast. You only need to brew or add the powder into a smoothie, then pour it into a cup and take it anywhere.

The high protein content will make you feel full and give you lots of energy to concentrate on your activities throughout the day. That’s why many people consume protein shakes as a meal replacement to help weight loss.

Health starts from a balanced, nutritious meal. Let’s keep our family healthy by serving a healthy breakfast to start the day, every day!

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