Five Recipes of Super Healthy Mixed Juice to Prevent Cancer

Out of the trends for a healthy lifestyle, drinking fruit and vegetable juice has been a favorite way to fulfill the body’s needs for nutrition. While they are convenient, the bottled juice easily found on a supermarket shelf has a high content of sugar, and some even contain artificial coloring. So why not make your own super healthy juice drinks? You only need to get some high fiber fruits and vegetables that are also good to prevent cancer.

1. Avocado and apple juice

Do you feel like drinking the delicious avocado juice today? You can make it yourself and add some vitamin-rich apple juice. Put the avocado in the blender and add the apple juice, adjust it to get the thickness you desire.

According to the Cancer Research, avocado can reduce the risk of leukemia because it contains avocation B and lipid, and apple is not only rich in fiber, it is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants needed by the body.

2. Broccoli and tomato juice

Broccoli is popular as one of the healthiest foods, because of the nutrients it contains. As published on, one cup of this green vegetable contains 10 grams of fiber, fulfilling 116 percent of the body’s need for vitamin K and 135 percent of the need for vitamin C.

Meanwhile, tomato contains lycopene, an antioxidant that is effective to protect the skin from cancer.

Wash and cut the broccoli and tomato. Put the tomato first into the blender, then add the pieces of broccoli. Pour the juice into a glass and serve it with a piece of celery.

3. Exotic peach juice

Peach is more often used as a topping for pie or pudding. It tastes sweet and contains antioxidants that can kill the breast cancer cells without killing other cells. So give yourself a treat with the sweet, fresh taste of exotic peach juice. Mix the pieces of peach, mango or papaya and coconut water. Blend them and serve the juice while it is still cold.

4. Dragon fruit and orange juice

Who doesn’t like drinking colorful fruit juice? Try making dragon fruit and orange juice that combines the beautiful bright red and orange colors. Blend the fruits separately, then pour the dragon fruit juice into a glass, followed by the orange juice.

Dragon fruit is known for the high content of antioxidant, so it is often consumed to prevent cancer. According to the University of Chicago, the antioxidant compound in the dragon fruit can combat the free radicals that cause cell damage and trigger the growth of cancer.

5. Mixed vegetables juice

Green vegetables contain lots of nutrients that are good for the body. In addition to fiber, vitamins and antioxidants in green veggies are good for combating the free radicals. If you are bored of consuming veggies as part of your meals, you can make fresh vegetable juice by mixing them with fruits as a natural source of sweet taste.

Blend the spinach, kale or cabbage and then add apple, mango or banana. Mix them and add chia seeds for more nutrient.

Let’s prevent cancer by consuming these delicious vegetable and fruit juice high in fiber. Let’s try it!

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