Five Reasons Why Family Dinners are Important

A common problem for families in big cities is the lack of connection among the family members. The reason is the limited time to see each other because of the busy activities at work and at school.

But it’s still important to spend the time to meet at dinner because it has the following benefits.

1. Homemade meals promote portion control

Who doesn’t like eating out? Unfortunately, this increases the risk of weight gain because most of the dishes are served in a bigger portion and they have 60% more calories compared to the home-cooked food. So eating together at home indirectly controls the amount of food we consume.

2. Family meals lead to healthier food choices

Family dinners contribute to eating healthy. According to a survey published on, children who have dinner with their family tend to consume more fruits and veggies. Besides, they eat less deep-fried foods and high-calorie soda drinks. The balanced meals contain important nutrients like calcium, iron and fiber.

3. Eating at home saves money

Building a tradition to gather around the table and have dinner at home can help to save money. Eating out at a restaurant can cost twice as much as making the meals at home. Also, you can ensure to use better quality vegetables, meat, fish and fruits so that the meals taste better and healthier.

4. Family dinners reduce stress

Believe it or not, family dinners can be a good way to reduce stress. This is proven by the researchers from Brigham Young University, who found that people who sit together with their family for dinner feel more relaxed.

So use the family dinner as the opportunity to ask about each other’s day, share the day’s problems and help each other to find solutions. Make the ambiance cozier with jokes and light conversations.

5. Family dinners lead to a healthy, happy family

Family dinners are not only a good family gathering while enjoying the meals served on the table. This beautiful moment also contributes to the family’s health, especially the children’s.

According to Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, children who eat dinner together with their family frequently are less likely to get eating disorder, consume alcohol or get into drugs. This is because the closeness they have with their families makes them proud and responsible for the choices they make in life.

So let’s allow a little time in the evenings to gather around the table for dinner and enjoy the health benefits of this family time. 

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