Asthma attacks can be prevented with some measures like maintaining good environmental and personal hygiene. We would like to share some useful tips for preventing an asthma attack:

a. Minimize the things that may trigger the attack

If dust is the main trigger, you should always keep the bed and mattress, desk, and other areas dust-free. Your pets must also be kept clean and free from dust and dirt.

b. Maintain good air circulation

If your room has good air circulation, the dirty air, dust and bacteria will be replaced by the fresh air from outside. Keep the room fresh and avoid musty rooms.

c. Avoid cigarette

Do not smoke, whether active or passive.

d. Exercise

Keep a healthy mind and body by doing exercise. If you feel tired, take a break andresume when you feel fit. If you have asthma, consult with your doctor about the right exercise for you to stay safe.

Remember that asthma should not prevent you from doing your favorite activities. You can live and perform the activities you like, as long as you follow your doctor’s advice, consume your medicines correctly, understand the symptoms and triggers, and get regular check-up with your doctor.

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