Phisohex Daily Antiseptic Facial Wash

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Phisohex Daily Antiseptic Facial Wash

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Bottle, 50ml and 110ml

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Wet face, apply some cleanser on the hand and work into a lather. Rub gently for 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

An anti-bacterial cleanser specially formulated for the face to cleanse the skin thoroughly of dirt and dust, protect from harmful bacteria and maintain the skin's pH level.


Triclosan 2%, Zinc Pyrithione, Water and Sodium Octoxynol-2 ethane sulfonate, Aquademineralisata, PEG-400, PEG-400 Monostearate, Lauric Diethanolamide, Methylcellulose, Sodium benzoate, citric acid, fragrance

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