Through a community building approach, Combiphar strives to proactively engage and educate communities on lifestyle disease prevention such as cholesterol, heart and liver disease as well as how to adopt healthy lifestyles.

COMBI RUN further exemplies Combiphar's efforts to educate on the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles that can contribute to the prevention of trend diseases which is increasingly on the rise in Indonesia.

COMBI MOM is a community program aimed to build, educate and empower women's communities - as key target influencers of the family unit and cummunities - on living smart by maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul.

As a company that has very close relationship with the communities and consumers, Combiphar strives to share the knowledge and educate the society, particularly the patients, about how to apply healthy living through a program called COMBI MED. Under close collaboration with a number of hospitals, this program manifests the company’s contribution to the health of Indonesian society, which is in line with its vision “Championing a Healthy Tomorrow”.

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